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Fujiko Aesthetics specialized in detoxifying. 

Relieves swelling by eliminating body waste, revitalize and contour your body shape using Eastern and Western approach. 

Fujiko Aesthetics is founded by Atsuko Yanase.   She is a Japanese native, a former fashion designer and health and beauty enthusiast who trained solely under Dr. Rumiko Yaku.   

Dr. Yaku has brought and expanded deep lymphatic treatment in Japan since 1992.   Dr. Yaku is also a funder of Japan Deep Lymphatic Association.   

Atsuko is the only person who is a member Japan Deep Lymphatic Association, also operate this detoxifying slimming method in the U.S.A.   

She believes in our natural ability.  We perform and become the best, once our body eliminates toxins out from our system.   


Being your best version of yourself means that you feel and look the best which comes with the healthiest, for a long time. 

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